Training AI model with URLs

You can train the AI model using a set of webpages of a domain.

We support a domain address or sitemap address.

Here are the steps to do this:

Step 1: Create an AI model and add the domain

  • Go to AI Studio > Create AI model > URL

  • And enter the domain you want to train

  • Click β€œCrawl” and wait until the system scans all webpages of that domain

  • Once completed, you will see all the URLs obtained of that domain

As good practice, it is always better to delete the URLs that are not needed to avoid wrong or incorrect answers from the bot. Because, the more junk you add, the more confused the AI model gets.

Step 2: Hit β€œTrain” to begin training the model

Once the URLs are shortlisted, you can click β€œTrain” to begin training the model.

This process can take a while, you will be notified via email once the training completes.

Finally, your AI model is now trained and ready to use.

You can select this model while building the bot to start fetching answers from this model.

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