Live Chat Settings

WotNot allows you to configure the settings for the Live Chat i.e ensuring that the agents are not overburdened with the chats or defining the timeline within which the agent needs to respond

What parameters can I configure?

Below are few of the parameters that you will be able to configure it with WotNot;
  • Conversation Threshold: This allows you to set the limit for the number of chats an agent will be handling simultaneously. This will help you to ensure that agents are not overloaded with the chats Maximum limit for the conversation threshold is 99
  • Service Level Agreement Timer (SLA): This setting allows you to set the timer within which the visitor message needs to be responded to by the agent. Doing this helps the company maintain the Service Level Agreement with the customers
  • Auto Close Duration: Allows you to choose after what duration a conversation gets closed if it is not answered by the visitor Maximum time post which the conversation will be auto closed is 24 hours (1440 Minutes)
  • Field Visibility: Defines the maximum number of fields that are visible in a list. Beyond this, you will see 'Show More' to expand the list and see its value
  • Conversation Card Properties: Configure what are the default fields visible to you or the agent on the conversation card column of the Live Chat